Fully qualified for working at height

We have fully trained and licensed operators as well as access machinery to help save you time and money when the job requires working at height.

We also do key safety checks such as:

  • Safe for any work that has to be done when setting up, during normal use, when clearing blockages, when carrying out repairs for breakdowns, and during planned maintenance.
  • Properly switched off, isolated or locked-off before taking any action to remove blockages, clean or adjust the machine.
  • Ensure every static machine has been installed properly and is stable (usually fixed down).
  • Choose the right machine for the job and do not put machines where customers or visitors may be exposed to risk.
  • Check that the machine is complete, with all safeguards fitted, and free from defects. The term ‘safeguarding’ includes guards, interlocks, two-hand controls, light guards, pressure-sensitive mats etc. By law, the supplier must provide the right safeguards and inform buyers of any risks (‘residual risks’) that users need to be aware of and manage because they could not be designed out.

Do you have a roofing repair job in Cannock with access problems?